Rules within and around the home during the sale!

  1. Watch your children! You will be responsible for any merchandise broken as a result of negligence.
  2. No switching price tags on items. Those caught will be asked to leave current sale and not be allowed for future sales.
  3. A limited number of customers allowed in Estate at one time due to space, safety, and liability.
  4. Dispose of all trash in a proper receptacle. Do not leave trash inside or outside of the home. We do not want to make a mess in the neighborhood.
  5. All items must be paid for in full before removal of merchandise. Any item being picked up later must have 50% of the total put down as a deposit.
  6. All items must be picked up by close of business on the final day of sale.
  7. When parking, do not obstruct any driveways or fire hydrants.
  8. Sales Tax will be charged on all Merchandise.
  9. Credit Card Fees will apply on all purchases.
  10. Copy of Re-Sellers Business License required to be Tax Exempt.
  11. You break it, you buy it. So please be careful!
  12. All sales are “as is” and final. No exchanges or refunds available so please check the Merchandise before you purchase.
  13. Respect the home as if it were your own. One day, it could be your home hosting a Sale.
  14. Respect all employees and fellow customers. It is a common courtesy that we will offer you as well.
  15. When removing big furniture, please bring all tools necessary to complete the job. This includes bringing people to help you load items.
  16. We are not responsible for watching items you may be interested in. You must keep track of your own items.