​​Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


The benefits of using JPS Estate Liquidation LLC are many. The emotional involvement in handling the estate liquidation process can produce much stress for the owner, family, or the representative of the estate.  Pricing of the sale items are also a key factor. With experience in this business and being constantly in tune with the market, we strive to price and mark the merchandise at the highest price the estate buying market will bear, yet still accomplish the liquidation of the items in the needed time period. Security is ever becoming an important factor to consider also, and we will provide that level of security needed to get the task accomplished in the shortest period of time available.

Here are a few of our most frequently asked questions and the answers: 

Q: Do I have to pay anything in advance?
A: NO! There are NEVER ANY UP-FRONT FEES required with JPS Estate Liquidation LLC.

Q: What are the general procedures?

A: Your first step is to contact us 4-6 weeks before you want to schedule an estate sale. We will come to the physical location to assess the best way to proceed. If we agree that an on-site estate liquidation sale is preferable, we would then sign an Agreement that specifies what you expect of us, and what we expect of you. 

Then, our first step is to visually prepare an inventory of the items you want to sell, then we will photograph many of the items for our advertising; we will begin setup, staging, and displaying the merchandise to be sold. Then we begin to value, price, and tag the items for the sale. 

These two steps generally take 2 to 4 days (longer for larger homes). Next, we host the sale, which generally lasts another 1-2 days (longer for larger homes). Finally, if requested, we will make sure all remaining items are picked up and arranged for donation or disposal, and then proceed to broom-sweep clean in order to leave the property clean and free of debris.

Q: How is the sale conducted? How does it work?
A: All items are priced and tagged prior to the sale, which gives you an opportunity to review the valuation and prices before the sale. If you wish to set a minimum price on a select few items, we will price the items as you request. If the items do not sell at the price you requested, we will inform you of the best offer received and give you the opportunity to accept that offer.

Q: What types of items may I include in the Estate Sale?

A: All salable merchandise can be offered, from china, crystal, silver, furniture, antiques, jewelry, coins, books, automobiles, golf carts, tools, to clothing, kitchen, garage, and miscellaneous items. Almost every item in your home can be resold.

Q: Who values and prices the items?
A: All items are valued and priced by JPS Estate Liquidation LLC.  If we feel we need assistance in valuing an item, we will use qualified outside appraisers to assist us on an “as-needed” basis, at our expense.

Q: What if I have friends or family who would like to attend the sale?
A: We welcome them to attend the estate sale. As long as they understand they are there as customers to your event.

Q: How do you advertise?
A: We advertise extensively over the internet through our proprietary world-wide website, and by sending out an email-blast to our list of interested buyers, dealers, etc.

Q: Do you have a written Agreement?
A: Yes. We have a written Agreement that puts in writing what we both agree to.

Q: Are you licensed or insured?
A: Yes. JPS Estate Liquidation LLC is licensed in the State of Nevada, Clark County, City of Las Vegas, Henderson and Boulder City. We are also bonded, and insured in order to provide you with the confidence you need that you are choosing a professional estate liquidation company who can handle the task.

Q: How do you handle jewelry, stamps, coins, small antiques, silver and guns?

A: All valuables are professionally valued and priced. If we have a lot of valuables, we may suggest to the Sellers that the items be appraised to determine a fair market value on the items.

Q: Security?
A: JPS Estate Liquidation LLC. is very conscious about security. Sales are fully staffed.

Q: Will you take checks?
A: We accept Cash, but will accept business and personal checks, at our sole discretion, from buyers whom we know with valid ID and verification of funds. We also accept major credit cards. (All credit card purchases must have proper ID, and are at the discretion of management).

Q: Do you ever reduce the price of items?

A: Yes, we will negotiate the price of the item as the Agent for the Seller, in order to get the best price for the item, but still liquidate the item before the end of the sale. Normally the second day of the sale all items are reduced up to 50%.

Q: How much do you charge? How do you get paid?

A: We charge a percentage of the sale proceeds, our fee. This commission is determined based on the quality and quantity of the items you are offering for sale, our set up costs, manpower requirements. Our fee will usually range from 30% to 40% of the proceeds of the estate sale, is very competitive, and is determined at the time we visit with you personally and is custom based on what you need.

Q: When do I receive proceeds from the sale?
A: We will prepare a full accounting of the results of the sale, along with a check for the net proceeds due the Sellers, within three to five (3-5) business days following the last day of the estate sale.

Q: The real estate property is under contract. What do you do regarding care and staging of the property?

A: At the time of our first visit, you would advise us of all items that are not to be sold and are part of the real estate contract pending. Care is given to limit the flow of people through the home so that our staff can adequately supervise them. Minimal assistance is given when merchandise is being moved. Supervision of parking areas is also given. If the real estate property is listed to be sold, the on-site estate sale will give the property tremendous exposure and, in many such cases, may even help your REALTOR sell the property much faster for you.

Should you have more questions about our business, please do not hesitate to contact us here or call 702.885.6126 for further information.